8 Tips When Buying A Used PC

When it comes time to buy a PC, it is important to remember that buying new isn’t your only option. Purchasing used equipment from a trusted business is an effective way to save money and benefit from quality products.Buying used or refurbished may be a new territory for many, so knowing what to look out for can prove helpful to your buying experience.First you need to understand the difference between used and refurbished in terms of computers:Refurbished refers to a computer that has been restored to near new condition with all the hardware tested and new genuine Microsoft operating system installed. These refurbished computers come from large corporate customers who refresh their technology often and also manufacturer returns for inspection and repair.Simply put, used refers to a secondhand item sold as is. Buying used from services such as Craigslist or EBay can be a risky choice since there is no guarantee that the equipment is functional. Buying from an authorized Microsoft Refurbisher is the safest way to buy used, because they provide warranty on the equipment, genuine W7 license and if you are not satisfied there is a 30 day no questions asked return policy with full refund. We meticulously clean and test all of our products to ensure you are receiving a ready-­‐to-­‐use PC, and as always we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee.Some businesses, organizations, and individuals can especially benefit from buying used or refurbished because of what they plan to do with the equipmentCompanies or individuals utilizing the PC mainly for internet use, email, word processing and spreadsheet software, or non-profits with tight budgets are two examples of organizations that should consider buying used based on their needs. Also, manufacturing facilities where the equipment is exposed to dirty environment or still need serial ports to link to their production machinery.Some key tips for PC items to consider when purchasing used equipment are:
  1. Does it have a restore disk and genuine Microsoft Operating System?
  2. Is your provider an Authorized Microsoft Refurbisher?
  3. Do they provide tech support via a toll free number?
  4. Is the “grade” of the condition of the machine A or B indicated? “A“ being in excellent cosmetic and functional condition. “B-­‐“ meaning in good condition with some minor wear cosmetically, but 100% functional.
  5. Can you return the product in 30 days for full refund no questions asked as long as the machine is not damaged and in working order?
  6. Does the shopping cart provide in store pick up?
  7. Can anyone in reasonable driving distance check out the units first hand before purchase?
  8. Look at the price of the used or refurbished model, and compare it to the price of a new, comparable system.
Being educated is key to finding the best product for your needs. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions regarding the purchase of used or refurbished equipment. We are happy to help.
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