FAQ - Buy Used Pc's


What is the return policy?

All equipment is eligible under our 7 day return policy no questions asked. Equipment must be complete and in working order. The purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs during a full return. BuyUsedPcs will not refund the original shipping costs to the purchaser.


Once your order is received we take no longer than 48 hours to ship your order. We ship Monday – Friday 8:30 – 5:00 EST. During checkout you have the option to choose from any FedEx option you chose. If there is any delay in process your order or shipping your order our customer service team will be in contact you immediately. We do not ship to PO Box numbers.

Do all of the laptops have web cameras

Not all of the laptops being sold on our site have web cameras installed. Please check the description of each unit before purchasing.

Is Microsoft Office installed?

Microsoft office is an additional software package that needs to be purchased separately. Please visit www.microsoft.comto purchase.

Do you install an Anti-Virus software?

BuyUsedPcs does not install an Anti-Virus software. We leave this choice up to the end user to determine which anti-virus software they would prefer to use. Some of the computers we sell do have a free trial software installed or we have a link to Microsoft Security Essentials on the desktop. Microsoft Security Essentials is a free Anti-Virus software available to the public.

What is open office?

Open Office is made by Apache it is an open-sourced software that is a good alternative to Microsoft Office. Open Office includes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation application, drawing application, and database management application. Open Office is compatible with existing Microsoft documents and can be saved as a Microsoft document so other Microsoft users can view any work produced in Open Office. We install this so end users have a way to utilize their computer without having the expense of purchasing Microsoft Office suite.

What software is installed?

All laptops and desktops are loaded with a clean Windows operating system. Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Open Office and Skype.

What comes included?

All laptops come with the battery and ac adapter (power cord) and Windows Operating Systems recovery disc. Also included is the limited 90 Day Warranty. An additional 1 Year Warranty is available for purchase.

Hos is the battery life on the laptops?

The batteries in the laptops are not guaranteed. These are the original batteries we do not replace them with new. Due to the fact that the batteries are used, the life of the batteries is undetermined and cannot be giving an accurate length of use.

What is not covered under the warranty?

Warranties exclude loss or damage caused by accidental or physical damage, spilled liquids, insect infestation, misuse, abuse, or damage caused by unauthorized repair personnel.

Software issues caused by the end user or third party software, utilities, etc. are not covered under the warranty. Equipment with missing or altered serial numbers will not be covered under warranty.

What does the warranty cover?

All laptops and desktops come with a 90 Day Warranty. This warranty covers parts and labor necessary for the repair of non-functional equipment. Equipment is not replaced under warranty unless deemed un-repairable by LANtek’s service department. In the event the unit needs replacement it will be replaced with the same model and configuration when available, or a model with comparable specifications with the unit being replaced. Replacement will be made based on the specifications of the original unit and not on original purchase price.

How do you refurbish the computers?

Our certified technicians use a three step process to refurbishing all equipment.

  • All hard drives are sanitized using the military grade process to erase all data (DOD 5220.22-M).
  • All hardware is cleaned, tested, and inspected. Any parts replacement is also done at this time.
  • Laptops are reimaged with a new operating system ready for resale.

What is Grade A & Grade B?

All of our equipment is graded on physical condition.

Grade A units are in good physical condition with a few minor scuffs and scratches from normal use and wear.

Grade B units may have many visual scuffs, scratches, and dents. These units are still fully function and in good working condition.

Where do the computers come from?

All computers are previously used from businesses in the area. We contract with those companies to collect all of their used equipment. Our technicians then refurbish and grade all of the laptops with either an A or B grading system.